Nero, white and terra (dark brown)​


Steel, stainless steel and glass​


64 kg​

Burner Type

Automatic burner​

Tank Volume

2 x 5 litre jerry can​

Min. Room Volume

​270 m3

Burning Duration

6 hours​

​The sleek appearance of the ebios-fire® Tower adorns any décor in- or outdoors. Owing to its effective heat output, this bioethanol fi re model is popular on restaurant terraces, surrounding hotel or shop entrances pro-viding a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Placed indoors, the Tower requires a rather lager room due to its heat output.

The automatic burner of the ebios-fire® Tower - operated by remote control – is fed from two bioethanol jerry cans which are conveniently stored in its housing underneath the burner. The fl ames are protected from wind by a heavy glass cylinder, which is covered with a glass plate at the top.

Fuelled by bioethanol - an environmentally friendly, renewable source of energy - the Tower, like any other ebios-fire® model burns clean and smoke-free.

For outdoors use, a protective cover is available on request. In severe weather conditions, however, this ebios-fire® model should be kept indoors.

Για πάνω από 35 χρόνια, η εταιρεία μας (Κ. Καμαριανάκης - Εμμ. Καμαριανάκης - Καμαριανάκης ΕΠΕ.) εξυπηρετεί τους πελάτες της με ποιοτικά προϊόντα.


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